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Yummy Bears Home Style Chevron Pattern- Aqua Blue White Chevron Pattern Throw Pillow Cover 18?á18

285 reviews
  • Model: PI000072
  • 95 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: CoolDream

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Cotton fabric production
100% Handmade, high quality and durable
Hidden zipper closure
No pillow core
Designed and sold by patterncase
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Unique design


285 reviews
  • By AllieJean On 2018-01-17Image not exactly as pictured. The cover overall is cute and will most likely keep but disappointed in the image. It is much larger than what is pictured for the product with the owl and branch sitting lower down instead of in the middle of the cover and image looks a little stretched out. It just stands out a bit more and was looking for something more subtle.
  • By Tara Vanflower On 2018-01-17After many weeks have passed this little lovely finally arrived at my door. I knew it was traveling from China, but I feel like it took so long that a dromedary camel crossing a burning desert by caravan was involved at some point. It probably didn't take as long as it feels like it did, but in this day and age of "fast" it felt like it. ANYWAY, onto the review. This guy is totes adorbs and I love it and well worth the two or three week wait. I covered an old throw pillow with it. The burlap isn't the most comfy material to rest your head on, but it looks nice and is sturdy and isn't UNcomfortable. The pic attached isn't all that flattering and in truth, this would look much better with a little larger pillow inside, but I was covering an old ugly ass pillow so whatever. At some point I'll switch it up and put a nicer insert inside. I love this and for the price one really can't complain! I've purchased several other styles of these covers and love them all.
  • By GC Gallagher On 2018-01-17This pillow cover is absolutely adorable. It's well-made and looks great on my couch which is a light gray. I put a 20" pillow form inside of it so it's nice and plump. It's linen so I wouldn't advise washing it in the washing machine. I think it will last a lot longer if I spot clean it only.
  • By Amazon Customer On 2018-01-17The material is a little rough, kinda like canvas, but I knew that going in and it wasn't a problem for me since I am using them decoratively not to lay my face on. They are very cute and exactly what I was looking for. They fit perfectly over the pillows I already had that were starting to look shabby but still had good spring to the cushion so I decided to cover rather than replace.
  • By JERRI LYNN SCOTT On 2018-01-17I am very impressed with these pillows. They are made to last and look great. I was really surprised by the size even though it states the size before ordering. They are the perfect size and the zipper makes it so easy to stuff the pillow and then zip and you are done. If the pillow get dirty just unzip take out stuffing wash it and start again. This was such a good buy on the pillows
  • By jd picchietti On 2018-01-17I have had this for almost 6 months and have no issues, its awesome to cuddle with. I love sleeping with lots a pillows and this one usually goes under my arm for a side sleep.It still looks good even with it's daily use. Whatever it's made out of it breathes very well and doesn't leave me sweaty. If you found this review helpful please hit the yes button! Thanks!
  • By Lucas Kellogg On 2018-01-17I have bought several different linen pillow covers in the past two months and this is my least favorite. Although it has the same measurements as the others and I used the same filler pillows, it's too wide from front to back so this pillow does not look full. It looks saggy and wrinkly. The stitching also looks loose, so it looks cheaper than all the others I bought. I would not buy this again, or as a gift for anyone.
  • By Sarah A On 2018-01-17Love them! Washed them in cold water and bc I'm impatient I put them to damp dry on low they came out fine in just 20 minutes :) oh one thing I didn't realize when I purchased was that the other side isn't black also but that's not a deal breaker for me.
  • By Amazon Customer KH On 2018-01-17My throw pillow covers have holes in them and are about 20 years old. Needless to say it was time for a new set of throw pillow covers. I happened across this one and though it would be perfect for my living room. My color scheme is blues and greys and I thought this would look cute on my chair. I originally went for this because A) I love owls and B) The owl is pretty detailed and stand out on the grey background.My first impression are that this package arrived 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The cover came in a small plastic bag with no tears or water damage to the package. The cover is much larger than I was expecting so it will have to go over one of my larger pillows. As for the design, the owl looks a bit washed out. Like the ink bled a bit during manufacturing so the edges and detail aren't as defined as I would like. The bleed isn't too bad, you still can see what the image is and see that it has wings, a face and is sitting on a tree branch. The material isn't extremely soft but it is durable and looks like it will last a number of years. All the seems are sewn well though I'm disappointed by opening for the pillow. The zipper doesn't go end to end but instead sits in the middle of the pillow. This leaves you about 2 inches less space to squeeze your large pillow in. I would recommend using a softer pillow that can be squished flat and slip into the cover.Overall I would recommend the pillow its made from durable material and is sew well. The design is slightly washed out but not to a point that the product is damaged or undesirable. Above all the owl is adorable and fits perfectly in my living room.Overall the design of the pillow is cute but a little washer out. The fabric and stitching look like they will last awhile though.
  • By PenroseTribar On 2018-01-17Background is a weird light green, not beige or even tan. The fabric is a stiff, uncomfortable burlap. The print is down low on the cover such that the tiny moon and large owl are at the bottom, with nothing from the middle to top of the cover.

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